Case Study:Custom Applications with Cincinnati Equitable Life

“We were looking for a web based solution to issuing and administering our Life Insurance products that complemented our low overhead strategy. With no in-house programmers, it was necessary to find outside developers that could not only program our needs but who also understood our business. Sapphire Software was able to develop the system we needed on time and on budget, which has allowed us to compete with established companies that are much larger than ours.” - Greg Baker, President, Cincinnati Equitable Life
Cincinnati Equitable Life Insurance Company, founded in 1963, is committed to providing reliable, affordable support to their customers as they preplan and prefund their funeral arrangements through trustworthy funeral professionals in their local communities.
“Cincinnati Equitable is a perfect example of the type of partership that Sapphire builds with its customers. CELIC and Sapphire teamed together to build a custom IT solution that catered to their exact business needs, and together we delivered a product to process their core policy business in a very short period of time. Today this product handles thousands of policies with automated billing, claims, and daily accounting processes. CELIC was able to expand their business base without having to increase their staff, which makes a very successful growth model. ” - Charles Hastings, President, Sapphire Software Services, Inc.