Get accurate data faster and easier than ever before

Get accurate data faster and easier than ever before Standard Interfaces
Each third party vendor has their own file formats and interface technology. There is no standardization from one vendor to the next. We offer a single point of entry with defined structures that you can implement and then we handle all of the translations and interfaces for you. Instead of getting a list of drivers and vehicles at an address, then ordering MVRs and C.L.U.E. ® for each driver, how about a single call that returns an ACORD XML with all of it? Why go through the hassle of mapping flat files and codes when you could reference a .Net data class? We offer state of the art technology to you and handle the legacy formatting so you don’t have to.

Configurable Data Sources

Configurable Data Sources What if you want to change your third party reporting vendor? How much work will that be for you to integrate a new vendor into your existing system? Our services are configurable by product and state. If we help you implement our standard interfaces into your system, you could simply change a setting and be getting your data from another vendor. No additional programming on your part.

Your Partner In Automation

We are not just selling data access, we are making a commitment to getting the data implemented into your existing systems. We are giving you the freedom to select or switch third party vendors with ease, and allowing you to get back to the business of insurance rather than technology.

Solutions to help with your bottom line.

Solutions to help with your bottom line In today’s information age, there is so much data available to us to help us perform our jobs. The problem is it is scattered around in different systems and integrating it can be a hassle. Let us help you integrate your data ordering into your current system. It typically takes months to set up and start receiving third party reports such as C.L.U.E. ® and MVRs, and the file formats and technology leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally, the implementation work is the responsibility of the carriers with little guidance from the vendors. We offer expertise, tools, and services to help you get your data accurately and quickly.
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