Sapphire Software Services, at its core, is a software development company and we love to write code. Whether it is a completely custom application or an integration between two disparate systems, we excel at making you more productive and efficient by writing code. We specialize in (but are not limited to) Microsoft technologies.

Integration and Interface

It is unusual to find a system that will do it all, and therefore many business environments have several software solutions. Often times there is a "best of breed" setup. Each system will do what it is designed to do, and each will be "extensible" which allows it to communicate with other systems. The problem is that these interfaces and integrations require technical know-how and some work.

We use .Net Web services, directory watches, html screen scrapes, nightly batch processes, database queries, APIs, and more to help your existing systems speak to each other.

Reports, Tools and Add-ons

Every system out there falls short in some feature that is unique to your business and business process. Maybe the reports you get are not quite what you want, or there is some data on the web that could save you some valuable time, or your workflow is not the same as the industry standard workflow.

We can give you reports tailored to your exact needs with SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports. We can write small applications in .Net to combine data from multiple systems in a view that's right for you. For all the big or little things that you need that aren't quite included in your systems, we can write an app for that.

Custom Applications

Sometimes there just isn't an application that will fit your needs, and rather than try to fit the square peg in the round hole, you need a custom application.

We are highly skilled in application architecture and can map out a system for you. From the database back end in SQL server, to the business layer in .Net and WCF, to the user interface in ASP.Net or .Net Windows forms or WPF, we can write you a system.