Case Study: Systems Integration and Workflow Efficiencies with DiaTri, LLC

“Sapphire Software helped us streamline several of our business processes, so much so that we were able to free up 6 full time resources to focus on our core competencies. They are an integral part of our technology plans going forward” - Jon Knipper, COO DiaTri, LLC
DiaTri, LLC is a national diagnostic imaging network and scheduling/referral service. They started small and soon began to outgrow their software capabilities and looked to Sapphire to help streamline their processes and enhance their home-grown systems.

We started with a small project that integrated their web based patient tracking system with their back-end accounting system. DiaTri was entering bills in both systems and not only was it time-consuming, but there were inconsistencies in the two systems due to human error. Sapphire was able to write a two-way integration between their patient tracking system and their accounting system and eliminate the need for duplicate entry and eliminate inconsistencies.

But it didn't stop there. Sapphire spent 2 days on-site at DiaTri watching their workflow processes and was able to identify several areas of manual process and duplicate entry that could be automated. In addition, Sapphire was able to integrate their patient tracking system with multiple clearing houses and carriers using EDI. The end result: DiaTri is much more accurate and efficient with their business processing and is saving money in the process.

“DiaTri is one of our favorite stories. It was thrilling to see that our work resulted in such a positive improvement for DiaTri. It is a perfect example of how technology, when done right, can produce amazing results. ” - Chris Hastings, CEO, Sapphire Software Services, Inc.