Case Study: Technology Upgrade with Insuresoft, LLC

“Sapphire Software added both Industry experience and technical expertise to the project. They designed the basic architecture for communicating between our tiers and provided a proof of concept for us. And they didn’t leave it at that; they also worked with us throughout the migration to make sure we had a great performing and highly scalable system. We will use them for many projects in the year to come” - Joe Fendley, Vice President, Diamond Technology, Insuresoft, LLC.
Insuresoft, LLC is a leading provider of automation systems for insurance carriers. When they decided to upgrade the technology of their flagship product Diamond, they looked to Sapphire Software Services to help them define the architecture and prototype a solution.

The Diamond System, version 4.x is a COM+ based system, and Insuresoft wanted a fully .Net solution. Sapphire Software helped them define the technology, prototype a solution and implement their new version 5.x. Instead of using COM+ to host their middle tier, we went with Microsoft's WCF hosted in IIS. The Diamond system is an extremely flexible and highly configurable enterprise solution for property and casualty insurance carriers, so the task of getting the communication between the tiers without a loss of any of the flexibility was a challenge which both sides met head on.

After some modifications and tweaking, together we moved into the implementation phase and converted thousands of business objects and millions of lines of code into a fully .Net product.

With the majority of the technology in place, it was time to focus on performance and scalability, and we went to Microsoft's scalability lab and put the system through rigorous testing. Members of both Insuresoft and Sapphire Software were on hand to analyze the issues and make corrections and modifications so that in the end, the Diamond 5.x system can handle an insurance company with over 20 million in-force policies.
“This project typifies one of the core values of Sapphire Software, and that is we are your partner in automation. We did not simply analyze the products and technology and make recommendations; we rolled up our sleeves and worked with Insuresoft to implement the solution. Everything is nice in theory, but we like to see it in practice. ” - Chris Hastings, CEO, Sapphire Software Services, Inc.